The objectives of this planning and design studio course are to:

  • Increase awareness of creating harmony between human settlement system in rural area and the natural systems of land, water and energy.
  • Increase awareness for creating sustainability through integration of energy and natural resources as a part of rural reconstruction strategy both at the building and settlements level;
  • Introduce a range of planning and design tools to achieve sustainable energy and natural resources in planning, design and construction of rural buildings and settlements;
  • apply knowledge and experience of previous years courses for collection, analysis and synthesis of necessary data for design and planning of sustainable rural buildings and settlement;
  • foster ability to adapt strategies and action tools developed for energy integrated sustainable urban houses and towns for application to rural buildings and settlements .
  • foster ability to work as a team to develop rural reconstruction solutions for advocacy at  community level.

Manuals :

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
    1. pranita maam presentation_07_06_16
  4. Chapter 3
    1. Urban Patterns for a Green Economy
    2. Sustainable Urban Energy
    3. Sustainable Urban Energy Planning
    4. N1529189 5 Chapter-17 6 notat9-05
  5. Chapter 4
    1. 4.a
      1. Vision Statement_Grp 02 – Niranjan
    2. 4.b
      1. Final Report_Group 1 – Akansha