The objectives of the course are to:

  • Increase awareness of the role of research design and methodology in any enquiry process particularly for disciplines and postures that have both technological and social aspects;
  • Introduce a range of research design and methodology options that span between the subjective and the objective, the natural and the social, the mathematical, the cultural or such like polarized capsules;
  • Foster an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of the different options for particular research objectives;
  • enable application of Ethnography, Questionnaire Survey and Case Study methodologies in field situation
  • Analyze, critique and write a research report

Manuals :

  1. Display One Student Work 1_23_2016_Proposal_Akansha
  2. Display Two Student Work mini research project outcomes
  3. Handout1L2pages26 07 ch Writing up your Research
  4. Handout2L2pages2 ResearchProposalWriting
  5. Handout3L2pages14 SampleResearchProposal
  6. Handout4L4pages11 Research Dilemmas etc
  7. Handout5L7pages8 Harvard Referencing
  8. Lecture1pages10to16
  9. Lecture2pages17to21
  10. Lecture3pages22to27
  11. Lecture4pages28to34
  12. Lecture5pages35to40
  13. Lecture6pages41to50
  14. Lecture7pages51to55
  15. Lecture8pages56to66
  16. Lecture9pages67to77
  17. Lecture10pages78to89
  18. Lecture11pages90to97
  19. Lecture12pages98to105
  20. Lecture13pages106to109
  21. Lecture14pages110to118
  22. Lecture15pages119to123
  23. PrelimcontentsPages1to9