CC1 is structured as follows: The students will work in groups with assignments on sustainable energy design with help of design/architecture/engineering methods and tools. In parallel to the group work, lectures, guest lectures and tutoring is given. The content of the assignment is to analyze energy practices challenges and suggest a concept/solution to improve sustainability within the following topics:‘Waste to energy’, ‘wind/solar/hybrid solutions’ and ‘energy-efficient eco-village/city development’. The students will identify problems, context,stakeholders and users and work with a given case study. They will apply different methods and tools, and develop a design brief related to a concept/solution(S/C).  The S/C can be : a product, a planning scheme, a service, or a manual/interactive solution. Environmental, usability, economy, technology and social impacts of the concept/solution should be evaluated (trade-off). The students will discuss the concept/solution with stakeholders and finally present pro and contra arguments for the solution based on the economic, ecological and social (cultural) impacts.

  1.  CC1 Agenda and Article Overview Sustainable Energy Design for Social Development
  2.  Articles