Program entry requirements

In order to be eligible for admission for Master of Science in Energy for Sustainable Social Development (MSESSD), a candidate must have:

  • A Bachelors’ Degree from a Five Year Program in Architecture or Four Year Engineering Program in  Mechanical, Civil, Agriculture and Industrial Engineering from Tribhuvan University and other recognized  universities as well as degree equivalent to any of the aforementioned branches of engineering.
  • Secure at least  a minimum score as prescribed by the Faculty Board in the admission test conducted by the Institute of  Engineering.

Entrance Test

The nature of entrance test will be decided by the Entrance Examination Board of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University.


Candidate fulfilling the Program Entry requirements will be selected for admission on the basis of merit based on MSESSD Entrance Test.

Categories of Students

Three categories of students are envisaged in this course and they are:

  • Regular fee paying students
  • Full Fee paying students
  • Sponsored students

Duration of Study

A regular student should complete the course within four years. Each student must take a minimum of 60 credits. Students may take more than 60 credits but the excess credit will not be counted for.